Camus Advantus Hydronic Condensing Boiler

Camus Advantus Series Condensing Boiler

The Camus Advantus Hydronic Condensing Boiler is a two-pass counter flow fire tube commercial boiler for hydronic heating and hot water supply. The Advantus™ is controlled by an integrated Honeywell SOLA controller. The 7” color touch screen provides remote operation through the 4-20mA or 0-10Vdc for set point or fire rate control. Paired with the ability to control multiple pump operation along with daisy chain set up for up to 8 boilers.


Standard Features Include:


  • Single point input adjustment for control of air and gas
  • 1 to 1 air/gas ratio control for perfect combustion across entire modulation range
  • Return water temperatures down to 40°F
  • Extremely low NOx emissions (less than 9 ppm)
  • Water pressure switch
  • Local/Remote switch for building management, remote modulation and set-point control
  • Direct ignition up to 2.5 million BTU/hr.
  • Proven pilot ignition for 3 to 4 million BTU/hr.
  • High gas pressure switch (models 2500-4000)
  • Minimum gas pressure requirements of 4.0” w.c.
  • Main burner test firing valve
  • For operation with natural gas or propane
  • Flame failure alarm contacts
  • Up to 25:1 turndown for seamless operation
  • Boiler modulates to shut down on flue gas high temperature detection
  • UV flame detection
  • Staging relay to govern operation of low end or high end gas valve (models 800-4000)
  • Electronic air proving switch
  • Extremely low noise level



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