Ecom Combustion Analyzers


Wymbs Inc is now an authorized distributor for ECOM Combustion Analyzers. We have found that the Ecom-B, Ecom-B Plus, Ecom-CL2 and Ecom-D will be best suited for our market but we will be able to supply any analyzer in the ECOM line.  Please call for pricing and availability.


All the above Ecom Combustion Anaylzers can be fitted with up to 3 gas sensors (Ecom-D can be fitted with up to 6 sensors), measuring O2, CO & NO, plus Stack and Ambient temperatures, and Stack Pressure & Draft.  The above Ecom Combustion Analyzers also calculate CO2, Efficiency Losses, Excess Air and Oxygen correction 0-20%.


We are now set up to do in house certified calibrations and minor repairs on your Ecom analyzers, you will no longer have to ship your combustion analyzer out and will end up saving valuable time.  If you drop off your Ecom Combustion Analyzer at our shop we can have it calibrated and ready to pick up within 24 hours bringing your combustion analyzer back into service days sooner than if you had to mail your combustion analyzer to the manufacturer.  If repairs are needed and we need to order parts the wait time could be extended.


Advantages of an ECOM Combustion Analyzer

  • CO Bypass to prevent oversaturation
  • Magnetic backs for hands free testing
  • Printer available (IR printer available for Ecom B, IR printer or onboard printer for Ecom-D, Integral printer for Ecom-B Plus and Ecom-CL2)
  • On board storage for your readings


Please click on the pictures below for more information on a specific Ecom Analyzer model

Ecom-CL2 Combustion Analyzer

Ecom-CL 2 Combustion Analyzer


  • The Ecom-CL2 Combustion Analyzer is designed for commercial and industrial monitoring in a variety of applications
  • Available with up to 3 sensors
  • The Ecom-CL 2 is affixed in its own aluminum carry case for rugged field use
  • Its integrated thermal printer allows for on the spot print outs
Ecom-D Combustion Analyzer

Ecom-D Combustion Analyzer


  • The Ecom-D Combustion Analyzer functions as a durable handheld analyzer that fits in the palm of your hand
  • Available with up to 6 sensors
  • It utilizes the newest technology and world-class engineering to push the limits of what is possible in compact portable analyzers
  • Wifi data transfer is available.
Ecom-B Plus Combustion Analyzer

Ecom-B Plus Combustion Analyzer


  • The Ecom-B Plus s the perfect combination of wall positioned and floor standing instrument
  • Available with up to 3 sensors
  • Its aluminum housing and ergonomic handle has been designed for rugged field use
  • Its integrated thermal printer allows for on the spot print outs
Ecom-B Combustion Analyzer

Ecom-B Combustion Analyzer


  • The Ecom-B Combustion Analyzer is built for boiler tuning and efficiency.
  • Powerful magnets on the back of the analyzer allow the technician to work hands free.
  • Available with up to 3 sensors
  • Comes with a compact carry case

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