Ecom-CL 2 Combustion Analyzer


The Ecom-CL 2 Combustion Analyzer is the perfect combination of wall positioned and floor standing instrument. It is  designed for commercial combustion monitoring in a variety of applications. The Ecom-CL 2 Combustion Analyzer can be fitted with up to 3 gas sensors, measuring O2, CO & NO, plus Stack and Ambient temperatures, and Stack Pressure & Draft.  The  Ecom-CL 2 Combustion Analyzer also calculates CO2, Efficiency Losses, Excess Air and Oxygen correction 0-20%.  The Ecom-CL 2 is affixed in its own aluminum carry case for rugged field use.  Its integrated thermal printer allows for on the spot print outs.


Wymbs can perform in house calibration and minor repairs of your Ecom Combustion Analyzer.  Drop off you combustion analyzer at our shop and we will have it calibrated and ready for pick up within 24 hours getting the analyzer back into service days sooner than if you had to ship it back to the manufacturer to get calibrated.  If repairs are needed and we need to order parts the lead time will increase.



Advantage of the Ecom-CL 2 Plus Combustion Analyzer


  • Electronically monitored Condensate trap automatically shuts off the unit when the condensate trap reaches maximum capacity
  • On board storage for up to 300 readings
  • Automatic and manual CO Bypass function to protect the CO sensor from over exposure and to prevent oversaturation
  • Attached printer and aluminum casing - An all in one Combustion Analyzer


Standard Features of the Ecom-CL 2 Plus Combustion Analyzer


  • Up to 3 Electrochemical Sensors
  • Sensor Options: O2, CO & NO (NOx Calculation)
  • Flue Gas, Ambient, & Sensor Temperature Sensors
  • CO2, Efficiency, Losses, Excess Air, & O2 Correction Calculations
  • 7ft Standard Sample Line
  • Standard 9 Inch Probe
  • Averaging Tests
  • CO Purge Pump to Prevent Oversaturation
  • Ambient Cooler Sample Conditioner
  • Electronically Monitored Condensate Trap




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