Entech Boiler Controls

Wymbs Inc is an authorized distributor of Entech Boiler Controls and will be stocking the Entech Stealth and all sensors and related parts.  Call us for pricing and availability and for help configuring your Entech System.


Entech Boiler Controls


  • Advanced control of your boiler
  • Wireless and secure sensors including temperature sensors in the apartments
  • Call for heat with a fully customizable combination of out and space sensors, with an option for adding pressure and return sensors data into the mix
  • Mobile app available to monitor your entire portfolio of buildings
  • Stealthâ„¢ boasts a brand new cycle structure for steam that is based on the space and out sensors along with your choice of additional factors including timer, return, pressure, or the flame. With three modes, Trigger, Cycle and Standby, your boiler cycles are more precise and efficient.
  • See the median apartment temperature and information on the boiler status along with a warning dashboard
  • Customized solutions including weekend adjustments and special schedules
  • Energy Management Service provides ongoing monitoring and system maximization by Entech's tream of trained technicians who will help implement a strategy to maximize the impact of your boiler control
  • Analyzes and assesses all cumulative data, based on these advanced analytics of usage history, runtime, and fuel consumption the system can recommend setting and system adjustments for peak savings
  • Remote Boiler Monitoring


Stocked at Wymbs


  • Entech Stealth
  • Entech Wireless Indoor Space Temperature Sensor
  • Entech Wireless Receiver
  • Wireless Repeater
  • Hi Temp 3/4" Water Meter
  • Entech Digital Boiler Room Probe
  • Housing for Digital Boiler Room Probe
  • Entech Aqua Well
  • Entech Thermistor Stack Sensor
  • Entech Pressor Sensor


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