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Fireye BurnerLogix YB110
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Fireye Flame-Monitor E110

Fireye Flame Safeguards


Wymbs Inc has been supplying its Industrial Combustion burners with Fireye Flame Safeguards for many years.  Our stock burners that we carry in our inventory come standard with the Fireye BurnerLogix Flame Safeguard (YB110).  We can also special order your burner with a Fireye Parallel Positioning Control, either a PPC4000 or a PPC6000.  We also carry a full inventory of replacement Fireye Controls including the Flame-Monitor E110, BurnerLogix YB100 and all accessories for these flame safeguards.


Fireye Flame Safeguards available at Wymbs


  • BurnerLogix YB110 Flame Safeguard
  • YP100 programmer for BurnerLogix YB110
  • BLL510 display for BurnerLogix YB110
  • YZ300 Interlock annunciator for BurnerLogix YB110
  • 60-2814-1 Wiring base for BurnerLogix YB110 Flame Safeguard
  • Flame-Monitor E110 Flame Safeguard Chassis
  • EP160 programmer for E110
  • EP260 progammer for E110
  • E1R1 amplifier for E110
  • EUV1 amplifier for E110
  • E300 expansion module for E110
  • ED510 display module for E110
  • 60-1466-2 Wiring base for E110
  • 48PT2 scanners


Fireye Parallel Positioning


While we do not stock any burners with Fireye Parallel Positioning Controls we can special order any burner with a Fireye Parallel Positioning Control.  We can also have a retrofit panel made with Fireye Parallel Positioning Controls to convert an existing burner to Parallel Positioning.  Please call us for more information and lead times.



Fireye Parallel Positioning Components available at Wymbs


  • Nexus PPC4000 Parallel Positioning Control
  • NXD410 display module for Nexus PPC4000
  • FX04 Servo motor for Nexus PPC 4000
  • FX20 Servo motor for Nexus PPC 4000
  • FX50 Servo motor for Nexus PPC 4000
  • Nexus PPC6000 Parallel Positioning Control
  • NX6220 display module for Nexus PPC6000
  • NXC12 servo motor for PPC6000
  • NXC20 servo motor for PPC6000
  • NXC04 servo motor for PPC6000


We can also supply any other Fireye product not listed above.

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