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Honeywell Flame Safeguards


Wymbs Inc can supply you with an Industrial Combustion burner with Honeywell Flame Safeguards, all the burners we sell can be ordered with a Honeywell RM7800L or any other Honeywell Control.  We can also special order your burner with a Honeywell Parallel Positioning Control, either ControLinks or Slate.  We also carry a full inventory of replacement Honeywell Controls and can order any part we don't have in stock.


Honeywell Flame Safeguards available at Wymbs


  • RM7800L1087 Flame Safeguard
  • S7800A1142 Display
  • ST7800A1039 Purge Timer Card
  • R7852 Amplifier
  • C7915A1028 IR Flame Detector
  • Q7800 Subbase


Honeywell Parallel Positioning


While we do not stock any burners with Honeywell Parallel Positioning Controls we can special order any burner with a Honeywell Parallel Positioning Control either ControLinks or Slate.  We can also have a retrofit panel made with Honeywell Parallel Positioning Controls to convert an existing burner to Parallel Positioning.  Please call us for more information and lead times.



Honeywell Parallel Positioning Components available at Wymbs


  • ControLinks R7999A Control
  • ControLinks ML7999A Actuators
  • ControLinks ML7999B Actuators
  • ControLinks ML7999C Actuators
  • ControLinks S7999D Display
  • Slate R8001A1001 Base Module
  • Slate R8001B2001 Burner Control Module
  • Slate R8001C6001 Fuel Air Ratio Control Module
  • Slate R8001D4001 Slate Digital Module
  • Slate R8001F1041 IR Ampli-Check Flame Amp Module
  • Slate R8001K5001 7 In Color Display
  • Slate R8001K1010 10 in Color Display
  • Slate R8001M1150 Actuator


We can also supply any other Honeywell product not listed above.

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