Are you sure you are getting OEM Parts

When you bought an Industrial Combustion burner, you insisted on getting the best burner on the market - and you did.


To keep your IC burner operating like new and at peak performance, you should insist on genuine Industrial Combustion Parts.  While there are "non-genuine" or imitation aftermarket parts on the market intended to service your IC burner, how can you be certain these imposters provide the best operation and maintain the highest integrity of your burner and boiler systems?  To answer that that question... you cannot be certain.


Most assuredly, these imitation components have not been built to the same time-tested and precise OEM specifications of factory authorized and genuine Industrial Combustion components.  Imitation parts can actually cause a loss in burner performance, lower combustion efficiencies, decrease burner and boiler reliability and up-times, and can ultimately increase your overall fuel consumption.


Wymbs Inc / Hev-E-Oil Burner Distributors is the only authorized distributor of Industrial Combustion burners & parts in New York City.  If your service company is not buying parts from Wymbs Inc, then they are probably not supplying you with authorized, genuine Industrial Combustion Parts.


To assure you and your residents maximum up-time and burner-boiler availability, we would like to help boards and building managers verify they are receiving genuine Industrial Combustion Parts when their burners are being serviced.


Please call Wymbs Inc at (718) 295-3500.  We will be happy to explain the various ways you can ensure you are receiving genuine Industrial Combustion Parts.  Thank You.


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